Your First Visit

Not sure what to expect from your first visit to a chiropractor? 

HERE is the Align My Spine experience:

​Exam - After completing the appropriate forms, Dr. Patel will sit down with you to discuss symptoms and concerns. She will perform a thorough chiropractic, orthopedic, physical and neurological examination.

This exam helps Dr. Patel identify the potential cause of your complaint so she can develop a plan best suited to help you and your conditions.         

Avg time: 1 hour​​

Imaging - We welcome patients to bring copies or reports of any recent imaging. If needed, Dr. Patel may direct you to our other location, Epoch Chiropractic for X-rays.

We encourage you to ask questions at your initial visit. Our goal is to make your visits to Align My Spine are the most effective and enjoyable health care experience you could have on your “road back to health.”