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Neck Pain in Pike Creek, Delaware

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

What Is Pain? Where is it? Can you get headaches from neck pain? What is #referred or #radicular neck pain? Have you been in a #caraccident in #Delaware? Do you even know #whiplash? Why #chiropractic care?

Your cervical spine has 7 vertebrae with a spinal cord and vascular structures that come out of the brain stem to feed the rest of your body. The anatomy is so structured that when you begin to experience aches, soreness, or pain, your brain is telling you, "hey go get help, you're messing with my system".

The way a person sits, their daily activities such as working at a computer, driving, tying shoes, washing dishes and making your self a sandwich, all require movement of your neck. You think its important? I certainly think so!

#Injuries are very common to the neck. Repetitive stress injury is a very common cause next to #Car #accidents and slip and fall injuries. Are your nerves effected? Do you have cold hand and feet? Are you born with a congenital anomaly? Do you have #scoliosis?

Common symptoms:

- unable to move the neck in one of more direction

- dizziness

- nausea

- sharp shooting #pain

- #headache or #migraine

- sleeping difficulties

- numbness or tingling

- neck spasms

Some may even experience #weakness in different muscles, for example, difficulty lifting your right shoulder. Did you know that your #TMJ pain may be related to your #neckpain and discomfort?

A complete and thorough #chiropractic exam and evaluation can differentiate the causes of neck complaints. Chiropractic care is a safe, reliable, and effective form of treatment for all types of neck pain. I offer my services at Align My Spine and be sure to check out Epoch Chiropractic for my google reviews.

In #Delaware, a referral from a primary care doctor is NOT necessary. A #Chiropractic Physician will send you out for an X-ray, MRI or any further imaging if your conditions imply the necessity.

I, Dr. Himani Patel, am a firm believer in the Functional Chiropractic approach. To figure out the cause of your #neckpain, provide a proper care plan, and help you get your best health, is what my goal is.

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